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I listened to a teaching by Ed Stetzer last Friday called Missional Theology.  It was a really good teaching.  Here are some of the points he made that blew me away.

The problem is that we are mission minded with great global thinking, while in the shadows of our own steeples people far from Christ never have the good news communicated to them.

Fundamental to the nature of the Gospel is the sharing of the Gospel.

We out to be Biblically faithful, culturally relevant, and counter-culture communities.

If we boil missional down, we have to live and act like missionaries.


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I was listening to a podcast by Bill Clem from an Acts 29 Network Boot Camp in 2005.  These are some things that were said that really spoke to me.

Community is Bibically justified.  God was community before there was anything else.

God loves you being in a place where you haven’t a prayer without Him.

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