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When God is Silent

I have a hard time waiting.  In lines, in traffic, on people when I need something from them.  I used to say that I was a patient person – excuse me while I finish laughing.  I think that if that ever was the case it isn’t now.  Now I do the unthinkable.  I pray for patience.  I think that patience is like humility.  It is a constant learning your entire life.  It is harder when God is silent, because a lot of the time when He is silent it means that we’re supposed to wait.

Patience is a long obedience in the same direction.  Pursuing God and  waiting for all that He has.  When we wait on the Lord and are obedient to what He is doing we are blessed magnanimously (yeah…big word).

It is just hard to wait.  To pray day in and day out and yet He is there loving us, saying, “In time my child”.

What I’ve learned in the waiting is to learn.  To devote myself to the Scripture and change my focus to Him.  In time, He will move as He sees fit, and not only will I be blessed, but He will receive the glory.


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Have you ever had a craving but you really didn’t know what for?  I get them all the time.  Shawn will list off things, brownies, cup cake, ice cream, donut, etc. but none of them are what I’m wanting.  That is kind of how I am feeling right now – just not for food.  I feel that God is pressing but I don’t know to which direction.  The road has branched off into different directions but which way do you go and how are you supposed to choose.  One isn’t better than another nor is one more wrong than another.

Which way do you go?

How are you to know which way to move?

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Love comes through our own death.

The same breath that sings over us, gave us life.

Do not over state the success of what you saw occur today and do not emphasize any failure you encountered. Rejoice only in what causes the Father to rejoice.

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His searching love is focused on the goal of healing the wounded. Among those who get lost in the wilderness, injury is common.

“God is always at work around you. He is working to bring about world redemption through His son Jesus Christ.” – Henry Blackaby.

Perfect love is redemption.

Or love does not originate from what we have deduced of God and thus love Him out of what we have discovered. Rather, His “first love” overwhelms all our searching for knowledge. He comes to us first and bids us to submit to his love.

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Why we love

We don’t love because we have to. We love because we get to. We love because Christ loved us first, and out of the mercy that we have been shown we show His love to others.

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2nd Corinthians 5:14 – Christ’s love compels us.

As we receive the love of Christ we willing let it change the way we think and act. It means the love of Christ influences everything we do; His love becomes our way of life and not mere emotion.

The love Paul speaks of is born of a strength and resilience that challenges us to live for others, even those too weak and feeble to give anything back to us.

Christ’s love compels me
Christ’s love for me convinces me
Christ’s love at work in me changes me.

One significant expression of love is that we stop counting other peoples sins. It is seeing them through God’s redeeming view.

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On the Topic of Love

I’ve been reading the book “Compelled by Love” by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation. In it the talk about loving other people. What I like about it is they deal first with our relationship with God and loving Him. There is no possible way we can love others if we don’t love Him first.

I’ve posted excerpts from the book here in this blog that have really spoken to me. I wish to give them credit so here goes: “Compelled by Love” Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation. New Hope Publishers. 2008.

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